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“Significant cost savings in material handling, transportation, and storage. ”

Brian Schwartz

GEM, Inc.

Reducing Costs with Material Transportation

For specialty contractor GEM, Inc., every dollar counts when bidding and completing jobs. Working with Orbital Transport, they have been able to net significant cost savings in an often overlooked area – material handling, transportation, and storage.

Cost Savings

Like many contractors, GEM used to prepare for a job by loading supplies and tools into trucks, moving them to the jobsite, then unloading them and setting up their tool and storage rooms. Those days are gone, replaced by a more efficient and cost-effective method offered by Orbital. By using its Sidelifter equipment, Orbital is able to lift, move and set fully-loaded containers. For GEM, this means reduced costs and increased productivity related to material transportation. For a typical tool storage container, GEM creates mobile tool rooms at their location. They are able to add the shelves and load all of the tools needed to start a job before the container ever leaves the yard. When the container arrives at the jobsite, Orbital gently sets it on the ground and the GEM team can open the ground-level doors and immediately go to work. The process can be repeated for each container sent to a jobsite, with each one loaded to meet a specific need.

This saves GEM approximately 8 man hours, according to Brian Schwartz, Warehouse Manager, at GEM. That equates to nearly $250 in reduced labor costs every time a container is moved. With nearly 40 container moves per year, GEM is able to save almost $10,000 per year.

“Where we’ve had to move a container to another area of a jobsite, we used to have to provide a crane and set it up,” Schwartz said. “Now, we call Orbital and they move it for us. Orbital simply pulls their truck, outfitted with specialty lifting equipment, up to the container and moves it within the jobsite. “

“It’s not just the small stuff that Orbital can store and move”, Schwartz said. “They are also able to move containers loaded with 10-15 ton fork trucks.” 

“When we are able to take care of our customers, we shine,” Brian said. 

Depend on Our Pros to Share the Load.

When it comes to shipping containers, you can forget about the complexities and leave the logistics to the pros at Orbital Transport. If it’s in a shipping container, we provide a turnkey solution; load it, move it, and store it.

If you have any questions about your cargo container needs, give us a call and we will be more than happy to answer any question you may have.

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