Drayage Services Utilizing An Orbital Intermodal Sidelifter Crane

Rail and Ground Drayage Services Utilizing An orbital intermodal Sidelifter Crane

Orbital Transport offers a variety of transport services. We also offer national service in the continental US and limited delivery into Canada.

Drayage services are specialty carriers – with appropriate licensing, bonding, and agreements necessary to fill the gaps in intermodal transportation. Drayage carriers pull containers in and out of ports, harbors, and warehouses.

Our drayage services provide quick, efficient delivery of time-sensitive goods. We employ the latest technologies, letting us provide the visibility and seamless movement that your supply chain management requires. We will get your goods from point A to point B on time, with no damage.

Reliable and Efficient Shipping Container Transport Services

When you are in need of a reliable shipping or conex container trucking company that will efficiently transport  your container, and save you time and money, contact us, Orbital Transport. We are a national shipping container hauling service that utilizes an intermodal sidelifter mobile crane truck to carefully level-lift your fully loaded storage container, creating less shifting of your container’s content.

With our unique conex container side loader, we are able to load and unload your shipping container in a variety of situations.  What may be impossible for other container transport companies, is possible for Orbital Transport! We will seamlessly move your conex box to it’s intended destination, or provide an equally reliable transport service to do so.  You can trust your goods will be handled with care and delivered on schedule!

Reasons to Choose Orbital Intermodal Transportation:

  • Transportation Provided for Any 20 or 40 Foot Standard Shipping Container
  • Unique, Intermodal Sidelifter Mobile Crane Trucks: No Tipping!
  • 20’ and 40’ Shipping and Storage Container Rentals
  • Custom Container Modifications
  • Mobile Warehousing Storage
  • Onsite Ground Level Container Delivery
  • Continental US and Canada Shipping & Delivery
Orbital Transport is reliable and offers unique solutions to your transportation needs. Contact us today to learn more about Orbital Transport!

What Is Drayage?

Definition: Transporting goods a short distance via ground freight or the charge for such a transport. In freight forwarding, Drayage is typically used to describe the trucking service from an ocean port to a rail ramp, warehouse, or other destination.

History: The word Drayage originally stems from the term dray, a low cart without fixed sides that is used for carrying heavy loads a short distance. Although a dray is defined as a cart historically, a dray may be any vehicle used to transport heavy loads a short distance, such as a truck or sled.

You load it, we move it! We can ship your container, our container, or a 3rd party container!

Intermodal Transport Services

Our unique intermodal sidelifter mobile crane trucks are capable of lifting and moving fully-loaded conex shipping containers, up to 72,000 pounds at intermodal railyards, ports, and from the ground. We lift conex containers straight up and set them straight down (no tilting)! Orbital Transport intermodal trucks can safely transport and handle fully loaded 20 and 40 ft conex storage containers!

Orbital Transport offers drayage services as well as national delivery.We can ship your container, rent you a container, or move a 3rd party container for you. Visit our service area page to see where we can go!

Watch this video to see one of our intermodal sidelifter trucks in action, and imagine how it can save you time and money in your application!

Depend on Our Pros to Share the Load.

When it comes to shipping containers, you can forget about the complexities and leave the logistics to the pros at Orbital Transport. If it’s in a shipping container, we provide a turnkey solution; load it, move it, and store it.

If you have any questions about your cargo container needs, give us a call and we will be more than happy to answer any question you may have.

Conex Shipping Container Intermodal Transport
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